Jacksonville Family Dental makes it fun for children to visit  the dentist. Families have trusted Jacksonville Family Dental for their family’s dental  needs since 2016. Many tend to overlook the significance of “baby teeth”.  It is important  to maintain healthy teeth and gums in your kids mouth not only for proper function but also for proper growth and development.

Dr. Kaja is experienced in pediatric dentistry including treating under sedation in a hospital setting.  Our team truly enjoys working with kids and making them feel comfortable in a dental setting.

Some of the pediatric dental procedures we perform

_ Childrens Dentist

_ Teeth cleaning and xrays

_ School dental exams

_ Fluoride treatment

_ Dental sealants

_ Dental fillings

_Stainless steel crowns (Caps)

_Space maintainer

_ Pulpotomy (Baby root canal)

_ Baby tooth extraction

_ Orthodontic tooth extractions

_ Sports guards

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