General Dentistry

General Dentistry   

Here are few services we provide to you and your family at Jacksonville Family Dental at your regular dental visit

_ Evaluation of Medical history

_ Digital dental X-rays using Dental sensors and Advanced X-ray camera with less radiation

_ Oral cancer evaluation

_ Cavity check

_ Use of Intra oral camera

_Gum check up

_ Check up for Periodontal disease

_ Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation

_ Tooth cleaning and Polishing

_  Deep cleaning (Scaling and root planing)

_ Fluoride treatment

_Localized antibiotics to treat gum disease

_Patient education with intra oral camera

_Diet analysis and education

_Smoking cessation and oral cancer education

_ Smile analysis (Invisalign)

_ Sleep evaluation for sleep apnea

_ Treatment plan options


Preventive  Services 

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  We place a lot of emphasis on prevention.  Prevention is easier and cheaper than cure. Our preventive services include but not limited to

_ Prophylactic cleaning to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease)

_ Dental sealants to prevent cavities

_Night guards/Sports guards to prevent tooth and jaw fractures and muscle soreness

_ Active intervention of baby teeth to prevent crowding and malocclusion

_Educate patients about oral cancers, smoking cessation and healthy diet

_Preventive resin fillings

Please find Dr Kaja’s educational article about  prevention of dental diseases in the local News Paper

Journal courier, Health Quarterly


Restorative dentistry 

We  have many restorative options to restore function and smile


We offer both silver and resin (white) fillings to restore teeth with cavities and chips and fractures.


Crowns are indicated for the teeth that are extensively damaged or lost healthy tooth structure by cavity, fracture or previous dental procedures.  It generally takes 2 appointments.  We offer different varieties of crowns to fit your needs and budget.


Bridges have been long used to replace missing teeth.  Bridges are durable and cost effective.

Bridges are typically done in two appointments.


Dentures may be full or partial.  Variety of material options are available in dentures depending on the individual patient needs.  Dentures are the cheapest option to replace teeth and restore function.  We take the impression of your mouth to customize and ensure optimal fit and appearance.

Implant supported crowns and dentures.

Implant supported crowns and dentures are built on the implants that are permanently placed in your bone  to replace the missing teeth.

Implants are surgically placed inside the bone by specialist and given sometime to heal .After adequate healing,implant crown gets fabricated.

If you are missing teeth and not able to fully function, multiple options are available.  Please give us a call so as to evaluate your restorative needs.


Emergency  dental visits 

Nothing can be worse than a tooth ache.  If you are in pain, please call us immediately.  We try our best to accommodate you.  Pain, swelling, fever and pus are signs of infection.

At times, dental infections can be serious.  If infections are left untreated they can spead to surrounding areas and bone and can lead to serious medical emergencies.  Most of the time, pain and infection related to teeth are treated with root canal therapy.  Many people tend to believe “root canals fail” or “root canal treatment hurts”.  Optimally treated root canal tooth lasts many years and serves the function as good as any natural tooth. Root canal therapy helps to  save your natural tooth without having to replace a missing tooth.

At  Jacksonville family dental we offer root canal therapy at a very affordable price.



If the tooth is not salvageable or if the patient chooses extraction, a natural tooth may have to be removed.  Extractions can be simple or surgical depending on the complexity.  We may have to treat an active infection with antibiotics before any dental procedures are initiated. Sometimes antibiotics are used in conjunction with root canal therapy and extraction.